Xian clothing

Typical Xian clothing.

The Xian Merchant Guild, also called the Xian League[1] and Xian Alliance,[2][3] is a highly renowned merchant organization in Calpheon and possibly the major economic power in the Republic of Calpheon. The current Chairman is Enrique Encarotia, a newly emerging merchant and Merchant Representative in the Kalis Parliament.[4]

The organization is known to be funded by the patriarch of the Erne family, Dominic Erne, also a representative in the Kalis and allied with the Encarotia family, having an engagement between his son and the daughter of the Chairman.

After the conquest of Serendia by Calpheon the Xian Merchant Guild is acquiring property in Heidel City, like the Golden Toad Inn managed by Bobby Lauren of the League of Merchants or the southern stable. Isobelle Encarotia, the chairman's daughter, has been sent there to be the Branch Head of Serendia,[5] with the orders of collateral recovery and market domination.[6]


  • The organization is notorious for making profit off high investment loans.


  3. About the Xian Alliance entry, there's no Norman Renatt in lore or game. Could be an old name for Dominic Erne.
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