World map

World map

World map2

World map

Black Desert has an expansive world which contains an impressive array of features such as cities, weather, farms, bandits, and much more. The world map is your primary tool for finding all these things and much more. You can also use the Mini-Map to quickly view your surroundings.

The map allows you to zoom in and out, change perspective, find friends, avoid enemies. Furthermore you purchase houses, set workers to task, check the auction house and find quests through the world map.

There are two main nations in the world: The Calpheon Republic and the Valencia Kingdom. Each nation has its own view on how the discovery of the Black Stones in the Black Desert should be handled.

When entering the Valencia region certain areas will render your map unusable.

World Map Information

Rogue Icon

Rogue Icons mark the location of bandits who will assault you as you move trade packs, be careful as you cannot fight while you carry a trade pack on your person.

Regions and Cities

When you view the world map you will be able to mouse over areas and cities. Clicking on cities will take you into a more in depth view and allow you to more clearly see the NPCs available.


You will be able to not only see your characters location but the location of wagons and ships moving goods across the world.

Knowledge Information

Areas and NPCs you have yet to discover will have faded out icons, and should you go to that area and speak with the NPCs and/or explore the region you will discover new information.


Rain is displayed in real time on the map.

Region Ownership

Each region has an icon on the map that displays the current ruler, their taxes, and their guild emblem.


Fish markers note areas where you can find specific fish.

World Map Menu


World Map information:

  1. Information Toggles
  2. Map Information Menu
  3. Shipments, Item Exchange, and Trade Info
  4. Map Key & Info
  5. Contribution Points
  6. Workers List

World Map Features


When you set a destination on the map your suggest route will be highlighted, you can even auto-path to the destination with the T key.

Node Management

Click on a node to invest in it, if the node is not linked you will be able to see the connecting nodes.

Investment Withdrawal

If you have already invested in a node, you can click on the node and opt to withdraw your investment to regain your contribution.

Material Transport

Clicking on a city will allow you to see the bank, from this menu you can hire a carriage or ship to transport your possessions to a new location.

Purchase Property

When you click on a city you will be able to see the available houses and purchase them if you have the necessary contribution.

Property Management

Once you have purchased a property you can later select the property and set it to a new purpose, for example you can take worker housing and re-purpose it to additional bank slots.

Production Management

Some houses allow you to create items, armors and more. From the map you can select the production property and begin the crafting process. Please note that the materials must bin in your bank and you must have a worker available.

Worker Management

From the world map you can send your workers to a node to preform simple tasks, such as sending them to harvest materials.

Citadels and Command Posts

When examining a node on the world map you will be able to see which guild has claimed it, this is displayed on the left side of your screen when you are viewing the node.

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