The World Beer Festival occurs every year in mid September to late October. It takes place in every of the large towns and gives consumables, XP and a decorative item (keg) for ones residence.

To start the even go and talk with drunk Artemio Fiazza in Velia. After finishing the quests in Velia and receiving the 2 Cold Draft Beer (20 energy) and 5 Honey Wine head to Northern Guard Camp in Serendia. Do NOT consume all both cold draft beer yet, you need it for the next quest step which is in Heidel City. Drink the beer at the plaza where indicated and talk with the girl sitting with the man on the bench at the plaza for more energy (if you don't have the knowledge yet). Receive the Cold Dark Beer (20% combat and skill XP for 30 minutes) as reward and the next step.

Decoration beer keg

Head to Northern Wheat Plantation in Calpheon and receive 1x Cold Dark Beer and 5x High Quality Cheese Pies (+8 Worker Stamina) from Pasenia and the next step. Find Fresio in Calpheon City and receive 1x Cold Dark Beer, 3x Smoked Sausage (+1 AP for 45 min), 3x Plentiful Assorted Side Dishes (+5% Life XP for 110 min) and 1x Standing Beer Keg.

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