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Witches are known for their prudence in battle. In return for their long casting times, they are rewarded with large-scale and powerful magic attacks. Their magic can burn, freeze and shatter opponents with the forces of natural elements such as fire, water, wind, lightning and earth. After Awakening, they can use the Aad Sphera to gain even greater control over earth and lightning and can summon the Earth and Lightning Guardians.

The Witch is the female counterpart of the male Wizard.

Play Style

Witches are extremely offensive magic users that rely on well timed dodges and attacks to take down opponents. Witches/Wizards must always be aware of their position on the battlefield as well as how much MP they have used up to calculate their next offensive. Many of the spells used are AoE heavy and do well against groups of foes.  

The downside to this is that their long casting times make them frail in 1 vs 1 PVP and are generally better suited to 3 vs 3 battles to have a chance. 

A Wizard/Witch shine in group play and generally do best in a party while leveling as their healing skills are just as valuable as their offensive ones. That isn't to say that you can't solo with this class, you may just find it harder and will need to stock up on potions as needed. 

New players will find Witches very forgiving and easy to pick up and play, while also leaving plenty of room for individual player skill growth into expert level play.


Memories of a Witch, Labreve

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Wizards, or Sages, as they prefer to call themselves, appeared on this land not too long ago.

Contemporary scholars, however, argue that the traces of Sages can be dated far back to the ancient times.

In a world far away from this world, there was a circle of knowledge seekers specializing in supernatural phenomena. Knowledge was their light, calling, and treasure. Seeking knowledge and truth became quite literally the most noble cause of their lives.

The community was divided into several schools throughout the history. The Godr-Ayed Tier, specializing in ancient elements, was the most powerful and respected school of Sages. There was also a particular school of thought focused on the earth and lightning elements. It was called Labreve, and it only consisted of Witches, female Sages.[1]

Although Labreve was a young organization, its growth was being expedited by a gifted Witch named Deneve. Unlike other schools of thought, they were specifically focused on studying Aad’s Pharos to research the ancient energy of elements, and their purely theoretical approach greatly contributed to the reconstruction of the existing magical powers.

One of Deneve’s most prized achievements is the invention of the teleport technique by approaching Aad’s Pharos from a completely new perspective. The teleport technique was received well and highly acclaimed within the Sage community that it became a prerequisite skill for all the Sages to learn. Even after successfully executing the teleport skill for the first time, Deneve never stopped her research. Unlike other Sages, she believed that an unknown world existed outside the existence of the very world she lived in. This firm belief motivated Deneve to concentrate even more on Aad’s Pharos.

Deneve’s dedication finally came to fruition. She finally discovered a method to commune with the primal force of the two elements. Through the newly-discovered method, Deneve could summon the Keepers Gorr and Tett and reach the enlightenment by communing with them. Deneve created a Sphera, an artifact through which she could freely utilize the new method. She carried the Spheras with her anytime, anywhere, completely breathing through and living with the purity of the two elements. The newly invented artifact was named Aad Sphera, after the subject she specialized in. It was through communing with the Aad Sphera that convinced Deneve to acknowledge the existence of another world. It was a dangerous move, but Deneve risked herself and everything she had to attempt to teleport to the other world.[2]

After a series of glaring lights and bombastic noises, Deneve found herself on a foreign land where day and night existed. She was the first Sage to make it to the other world. Thrilled to experience the new world and fresh energy, Deneve went out of her way to absorb all the knowledge she could. From one new land to another, her journey continued.

From this journey, Deneve had learned that the world consists of everything the Sages had been studying, and also that she was not the first to travel inter-dimensionally. Someone went ahead of her, and Deneve wanted to identify the pioneer.

Just as Deneve was trying to teleport to another world in search of the traces of the pioneer, she felt a tremendous force trying to dismantle the boundary between dimensions. As soon as the boundary was destroyed, Deneve started dreaming of herself being engulfed by a colossal black lump.

She was unable to process a single thought when she woke up.

The only thing she could barely feel was that the land she was stepping on felt somehow familiar.[3]


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Icon Name Ranks Description
Pwm skill 0877 1 Staff Attack 10 Attacks the enemy with a staff with magical power
Pwm skill 0893 1 Dagger Stab 5 Takes magical power in the dagger to attack the enemy.

Offensive spells

Icon Name Ranks Description
Pwm skill 0850 1 Magic Arrow 4 Uses magical power to make and shoot arrows.
Pwm skill 0887 1 Concentrated Magic Arrow 3 Draws magical power to shoot an arrow with it.
Pwm skill 0855 1 Multiple Magic Arrows 1 Shoots multiple magic arrows to attack.
Pwm skill 0865 1 Mana Absorption 3 Takes the opponent's mana to recover the character's mana.
Pwm skill 0818 1 Fireball 4 Shoots a powerful fireball to attack enemies.
Pwm skill 0847 1 Fireball Explosion 3 It explodes the fireball to harm the enemies.
Pwm skill 0790 1 Meteor Shower 3 Using magical power, drops meteorites drifting in the atmosphere to attack the enemies in a wide area.
Pwm skill 0834 1 Freeze 5 Performs a strong chill attack on enemies at close range. The enemies become frozen.
Pwm skill 0839 1 Frigid Fog 4 Spreads a frigid fog to attack enemies with cold.
Pwm skill 0843 1 Blizzard 5 Causes a powerful blizzard by controlling the climate. Enemies become powerless in front of the blizzard.
Pwm skill 0827 1 Lightning Chain 4 Attacks enemies with electricity using magic power.
Pwm skill 0831 1 Lightning Storm 3 Attacks enemies within range with electricity using magic power.
Pwm skill 0822 1 Lightning 5 Drops powerful lightning from the sky to attack enemies.
Pwm skill 0856 1 Residual Lightning 4 Widely spreads remaining lightning power to attack enemies.
Pwm skill 0786 1 Earthquake 5 Using magical power, causes an earthquake to severely damage nearby enemies.
Pwm skill 0912 1 Earth's Response 3 While swiftly dodging left or right, strongly strikes the ground to attack the enemy ahead with protruding rocks.

Healing & shielding spells

Icon Name Ranks Description
Pwm skill 0899 1 Healing Aura 5 Heals in an area of effect.
Pwm skill 0793 1 Healing Lighthouse 4 Uses enormous magical power to recover the HP of self and friends.
Pwm skill 0890 1 Resurrection 3 Revives friends and partially/completely recovers their HP and MP (WP, SP).
Pwm skill 0868 1 Magical Shield 4 Turns a certain amount of the damage the character receives into mana, reducing maximum damage.
Pwm skill 0860 1 Protected Area 5 Creates a huge defense area around the character where self and friends are protected, dramatically raising their defense.

Support spells

Icon Name Ranks Description
Pwm skill 0904 1 Spellbound Heart 5 Summons a magical object to replenish MP.
Pwm skill 1620 1 Magic Lighthouse 3 Summons a magical object that attracts enemy attention.
Pwm skill 1120 1 Speed Spell 3 Uses magical power for self and friends nearby to raise Attack, Casting and Movement speed.
Pwm skill 0898 1 Sage's Memory 1 Magically eliminates part of the casting time using old memories.


Icon Name Ranks Description
Pwm skill 0872 1 Magical Evasion 5 The character can dodge quickly in all directions using magical power.
Pwm skill 0909 1 Teleport 3 Instantly teleports within range using magical power.


Icon Name Ranks Description
Pwm skill 0797 1 Mind Training 20 Casting Speed increases.
Pwm skill 0817 1 Magic Power Boost 1 Magic Attack Power increases permanently by 20.
Common skill 1702 1 Infinite Mastery 6 Only those who reach the limit can acquire stronger body.

Black Spirit

Icon Name Ranks Description
Rage Absorption icon
Rage Absorption 1 Absorb the power of the Black Spirit to get a special buff.
Fury Transfer icon
Fury Transfer 1 Transfuse the power of the Black Spirit into another player. The amount of transfused power is 50% of the Black Power.
Emergency Escape icon
Emergency Escape 1 Can quickly escape dangerous situations.


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