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Witch's Magic Pouch
Witch's Magic Pouch
Type General
Weight 1.95 Weight
Buy price 6,500 Silver
Sell price 650 Silver

A witch's magic pouch dropped by Skeletons. The pouch is said to be capable of reviving the dead.

How to obtain[]

Can be dropped by these mobs:

Icon Mob Quantity Chance
Skeleton icon
Skeleton 1 3%
Skeleton Lizard
Skeleton Lizard 1 5%
Skeleton Warrior icon
Skeleton Warrior 1 45%
Skeleton Witmirth
Skeleton Witmirth 1 5%
Green Orc Skeleton Warrior icon
Green Orc Skeleton Warrior 1 7% ~ 15%

Witch's Magic Pouch is an item in Black Desert Online.


A witch's magical pouch said to be capable of reviving the dead.


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