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The new cooking byproduct to replace the previous 5.

Exchange list (all values increase x10 per teir from number or total turn ins 10, 100, maybe 1000 and 10,000):

Witch's Delicacy x10:

Beer x500

Milk x120

Contribution EXP 900 + Cooking EXP 30

Witch's Delicacy is an item in Black Desert Online.


A dish with a horrifyingly unappetizing look. It is known as the witch's delicacy as people believe it is something only enjoyed by witches. Finto says one must train their taste buds with the witch's delicacy in order to become a true chef.

* Exchange NPC
- Major City = Liana
- Olvia = Nadia Rowen

  • Exchange List:
    - x10: Beer x500
    - x10: Milk x120
    - x10: 900 Contribution EXP and 30 Cooking EXP

* Category: Item Exchange
* Main Usage: Exchange for Cooking Ingredients or Contribution/Cooking EXP


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