Western Guard Camp
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Type Military outpost
Region Balenos
Rulers Cliff
Affiliation Republic of Calpheon
Required contribution points 1
Location on world map:
Balenos Western Guard Camp
A camp established by the Serendian Army to protect Eastern Balenos from such threats as the Imps in the area and the Bandits active in the south. It is still unclear why Cliff, the greatest commander in Serendia, has been stationed here. Some whisper the young and ambitious Grand Chamberlain Jordine has something to do with it.

A coastline lies to the north of Western Guard Camp, while the Ancient Stone Chamber and the Forest of Seclusion lie to the south. Many adventurers frequent the camp on the way to these locations, the Ancient Stone Chamber being number one on their list.[1]

It's considered a major strategic point because it connects the roads from Olvia to Velia and the western path to Serendia in the south.[2]

Connecting Nodes

Notable NPC's


Trade & Imperial

  • Luke <Trade Manager>

Stable Keepers

Skill Instructor


Repair service

Wharf Manager

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