Velia, a Rookie's Haven
Alustin icon
Type Black Spirit
Level 1
Region All
Previous quest in the chain (Boss) Black Spirit and the Giant Imp
Next quest in the chain Filly Eileen
Start NPC Black Spirit
End NPC Alustin
Requirements Completed (Boss) Black Spirit and the Giant Imp


According to Black Spirit, there is a town called Velia around here where rookie adventurers can unwind.

Go to Velia and meet Alustin, a sage and an alchemist.[1]

Quest text


We must now fight the Goblins. But we might not be strong enough against them. So, there is a town called Velia nearby. This town is a place where rookie adventurers like you can get a good rest. How about going there for now and getting some rest? Go meet the Alchemist there. He will treat you good.

Let's go! To Velia!


Meet NPC:



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