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Vehicles are

etc. used to transport goods or player.

Public Vehicles[]

Public ferries can be used for free and circulate on specific routes. They can be deadly though as especially ocean based ferries can dump the player at certain locations due to bugs. It is not possible to get back onto a moving ferry if one was dumped by swimming as swimming is too slow.

Transport ferries and wagons are public and visible in the world and can be used to transport goods between the major towns from Warehouse to Warehouse for a fee (triples if towns are not connected by the intermittent nodes). These Warehouse transport vehicles can not be interacted with by the player avatar in the world or used for travel.

There are special Tribute Wagon's as part of the PvP and Siege system which can be raided. They leave the towns of Velia and Heidel City heading toward the ruling Calpheon City proper every Saturday 2 hours before the Conquest wars for these empires start. Stay away from the Wagons and surrounding area if you don't want to participate in PVP as they mark a fast moving free-for-all PvP zone.

Private Vehicles[]

Ships and such are registered with Docks and can be checked out and checked in locally only.

Carts and wagons are registered with Stable Keepers and need to be connected to horses (no donkeys or other mounts possible) to be used. They need to be checked out locally but can be checked in with a stable keeper even if they are far away from that stable keeper. In case of the latter the HP of the horse(s) will be set to nearly 0 though.

Vehicles can be bought from players, crafted or the stable keeper and will exist as token before they are registered. After registration they can no longer be traded. Any vehicle can be upgraded with specific additions that can be bought or crafted.