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Valencia City
Valencia City.png
Type Capital
Region Valencia
Government Hereditary monarchy
Rulers Sahazad Nesser
Faiths Aalism
Affiliation Kingdom of Valencia
Location on world map:
Valencia Center Valencia City.png

This page is for the city. Valencia is also used as the name for a faction and a territory/region.

Valencia City, also called the city of abundance,[1] is the capital city of the Kingdom of Valencia where the royal palace is located.

Astrology, astronomy, alchemy and theology are considered advanced learning in the city. That makes it a haven for all those interested in those arts.

The Nessers are living in a lavish palace, and a statue commemorating Queen Marumin is located inside the palace at the will of the fifth king, which is unprecedented. This stone statue holds a key to the underground stone chamber.[2]

Connecting Nodes

Notable NPC's

Show list


  • Sahazad Nesser <King of Valencia>


  • Tasaila Hilla <Marketplace Director> (two locations)

Trade & Imperial

  • Burita Allon <Trade Manager>
  • Yis Kunjamin <Trade Manager>
  • Givel Taric <Imperial Trade>
  • Damac <Imperial Delivery>
  • Balleo <Imperial Fishing Delivery>
  • Shandi Yut <Imperial Crafting Delivery>
  • Ahina <Imperial Auction House Manager>
  • Indaya <Villa Auctioneer>

Storage Keeper

  • Ramanit <Storage Keeper>

Stable Keepers

  • Nassr <Stable Keeper>
  • Vatonee <Stable Keeper>
  • Tanzine <Stable Keeper>
  • Yaska <Stable Keeper>
  • Chloe <Guild Stable Keeper>

Skill Instructor

  • Rabam <The Awakened - Skill Instructor>


  • Yan <Guild Manager>
  • Ab Salam <Guild Military Supply Manager>
  • Sahin <Old Moon Manager>


  • Nerasabi Alom <Innkeeper>
  • Walagala <Cook>


  • Jursin <General Goods Vendor>
  • Geniefa <General Goods Vendor>
  • Purajin <Material Vendor>
  • Vatputa <Furniture Dealer>
  • Salebin <Seed Vendor>
  • Yara <Jeweler>
  • Oman <Luxury Vendor>
  • Kiyak <Bookseller>
  • Mano <Herb Vendor>

Repair service

  • Elfa <Blacksmith>
  • Ossa Dilla <Arms dealer>

Work Supervisor

  • Awana Dilla <Work Supervisor>

Downgrade equipment

  • Saya Nesser <Nesser Royal Family - Aal Temple Keeper>

Night Vendor & Related

  • Patrigio <Black Market>


  • Danio <Fisher>
  • Wacky Toshi <Marni's Top Assistant>

Quest-only NPC

  • Barhan Nesser <Nesser Royal Family - Katan Military Command>
  • Manmehan Nesser <Nesser Royal Family - History of Laws Manager>
  • Tatar <Lake Keeper>
  • Zahad <Smuggler>
  • Afuaru <Graverobber>
  • Veri <Graverobber>
  • Kennian <Graverobber>
  • Zobadi


  1. Said by Elfa in a voice line.