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Troll Work Supervisor
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Affiliation Barbarian
Region Mediah
Location Abandoned Iron Mine
Location on map:
Level 53
Health 40,642
Defense (DP) 568
Damage reduction 115
Evasion 453
Rewards when killed
XP 4,943,313
Skill XP 849,416
Karma 90
Knowledge unlock chance 10.00%

This page is for the Mob. See Troll Work Supervisor (Knowledge) for the knowledge.

Though most are sluggish, these Troll Work Supervisors at the Abandoned Iron Mine are not easy meat because they are fully equipped with heavy armor. Rather than rushing headlong into a pitched battle with them, why not take your time and take them down methodically? [1]


Item Quantity Drop chance
Magic Crystal of Infinity - Heal icon
Ancient Magic Crystal of Abundance - Armor 1 1.5%
Silver coins icon
Silver 6,000~8,000 95%
Crystal Covered in Ash icon
Crystal Covered in Black Ash 1 90%
Black Stone (Armor) icon
Black Stone (Armor) 1 14.3%
All Accuracy 10 icon
Combat EXP/Skill EXP Gain +3% 1 3.8%
Combat EXP Gain 3% icon
Movement Speed +10% 1 5.4%
Broken Shackles 5 ~ 10 80%
Forbidden Book icon
Forbidden Book 1 9%

Titles contributed to

Name Requirement
Combat title icon
Abandoned Iron Mine Owner Kill 3500 of any monsters in the Abandoned Iron Mine.

Title Requirement: "Subjugate the Abandoned Iron Mine. Yeah, anyone else want a piece of me? It'd be nice if you stopped now, I'm getting tired."


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