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The Trina Knights are one of the main military orders[1] in Calpheon's armed forces alongside the Delphe Knights. Their current leader is Chief Commander Delphad Castillion, Military Representative in the Kalis Parliament.

Their troops usually wear the national color of Calpheon, red, and their motto is "The Trina Knights stand for honor".[2]

They're centered in Calpheon City where there's a sizable garrison. A significant portion of the order is currently situated on Trina Fort, where they're waging war against the Saunils. They also function as the main patrol force for Calpheon proper and have a token garrison in Keplan.

Under the name of the Trina Marine Knights they constitute the navy of the republic, centered in Epheria Sentry Post, next to Port Epheria. The marine knights consist mostly of people native to the port town, and both their main task and concern is to protect the town and its surrounding seas of pirate activity. The navy is always fully equipped for battle, most likely due to the strong support of the Castillion family. Their battleships are made of the finest Calpheon wood and iron plates, and their muskets and cannons are the work of famous Dwarf artisans.[3]


  • Delphad Castillion, Chief Commander of the Trina Knights.
  • Valks, Trina Knights Master and Castillion's right hand. Capital's head of security.
  • Fridri Dofricson, Trina Knights Captain. Commander of Trina Fort.
  • Theresio Capon, Trina Marine Knights leader. Presumed Captain.
  • Seekhunt Volaire, former high ranking member. Now instructor of Valkyries at the Holy College.


  • Their war supplies come mainly from Trent.
  • They're said to be the only troops in Calpheon representing a close match to the Delphe Knights.[4]
  • The order has a research branch.[5]
  • There's no gender or race restriction for the Trina Knights, as both women and Barbarian races such as Red Orcs are seen among the soldiers.