Traces of Forgotten Cron
Operation Chief icon
Group Emma's Nightmare
Type Story
Level 50
Region Eastern Balenos
Previous quest in the chain Nightmare Revealed
Next quest in the chain An Alchemist in Velia
Start NPC Emma Bartali
End NPC Emma Bartali
Requirements Completed Nightmare Revealed


According to Emma Bartali, one of the forces occupying Cron Castle must have the Cron record in possession. She asked you to snatch it from their operation staff.[1]

Quest text


Nobody seems to really know why the Cron Castle turned into ruins. Perhaps my father knows something about it, but he never tells me anything because he thinks I'm too young. I suppose there's got to be some records left even for a ruined place like that. The operations staffs currently occupying the Cron Castle must have that record in possession. Snatch that record from the operations staff and show it to me. I'll be waiting at Bartali Farm.

What a... horrible incident. My family is not involved in this, is it...?


Get Cron Record from Operation Chief icon Operation Chief (50% drop rate).



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