Toys (?) for Kids
Lara icon
Type Production
Level 1
Region Serendia
Previous quest in the chain Need Soft Hides!
Next quest in the chain Mercianne of Moretti Farm
Start NPC Lara
End NPC Lara
Requirements Gathering Apprentice 4 or have completed Learning Higher Processing Skills


Lara asked you to make Wheat Dough that kids can play with.

  1. Get Wheat (Gathering/Node Investment/Harvesting).
  2. Make Wheat Flour by grinding Wheat (1 Wheat for 1 Flour).
  3. Buy Mineral Water.
  4. Make Wheat Dough by Shaking 1 Wheat Flour and 1 Mineral Water.
  5. Give 5 Wheat Dough to Lara.[1]

Quest text


Adventurer, please hear me out. It's about a toy that kids like. Kids usually play outside or play with a toy sword, you may think. But Wheat Dough is trendy right now. It's so soft and flexible. Of course, it's also a cooking ingredient... I can't stop the kids if they like it. Can you please get me a few pieces? I'll reward you!

Please make it soft.





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