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YEAR (Calendar of Elion) EVENT
??? The Ancients build the Tower of Will.
The Ancients disappear.
??? A Barbarian Chief rules over the land known as Mediah from the ruins of an Ancient Man.[1]
??? The Kingdom of Mediah is founded.
600 years ago There's knowledge of maritime trade between Mediah and Lema Island.[2]
300 years ago Cartian and Allan Serbin founded the town of Tarif.
Before 236 Bareeds II is crowned king of Mediah.
236 In the midst of the war between the Kingdom of Valencia and the western nations, Mediah begins to accept Black Stones from both sides as payment for goods and supplies. Mediah maintains neutrality in the conflict.
Mediah begins to prosper greatly and grows in size thanks to the machinations of Neruda Shen and the merchant class.
260 Mediah begins to adopt Aalism, perhaps as a diplomatic gesture towards Valencia.[3]
circa 265 Mediah is discovered to have fortified itself with barracks and soldiers.
???[4] The royal family founded the research on immortality and later necromancy in the Elric Shrine.
???[5] The royal family lures Calpheonian soldiers to the area later known as the Soldier's Grave and kills them for their experiment on necromancy.
???[6] The royal family orders a harbor and garrison to be built in the northern coast, near their castle.
264-267[7] Natural disasters of every type batter the land.
Pushed to the extreme, savage settlers and far-flung tribes begin to move inland toward established cities and settlements. Pillaging and fighting ensues.
Mediah's lava caves and the iron mines are closed due to sandstorms and incidents with the Barbarians.
271 Foundation of Altinova.
273 Illezra appears in Tarif, gains the power of the Book of Cartian and is gravely injured in the process but manages to escape. She later takes command of the cultists in the Elric Shrine and the various Barbarian groups.
275 To rebuild their economy Keplan, Heidel, and Olvia establish trade with Valencia via the merchant city of Altinova.[8]
Mediah is discovered to have grown significantly in wealth and strength and is now more heavily fortified.
277 The event later known as the Three Days of Darkness occurs. The royal family is killed.
Neruda Shen gradually takes control of the state and renames it the Republic of Mediah.[9]
280 The Barbarian tribes that lived around the Abandoned Iron Mine and the Sezec Hunters from the Rumbling Land invade Altinova.
Neither able to stomach welcoming them nor capable of banishing them outright, the Mediah Merchants Union is forced into accepting an uncomfortable coexistence with these groups.[10]


  4. No date given. Could be recent past or hundreds of years ago, but it is before the disasters of 264-267.
  5. No date given. It's before the end of the Valencia-Calpheon war.
  6. Between the beginning of the war and before the natural disasters of 264-267.
  8. Original text say merchant city of Mediah, but there has never been a city with that name
  9. Either before or after the invasion of Altinova in the year 280.
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