This timeline is about all known events in the world of Black Desert.

For concrete timelines:

YEAR (Calendar of Elion) EVENT
??? The Ancients build the Tower of Will.
??? The Ancients disappear.
130-140 Cron Castle is reduced to ruins.[1]

Coronation of Bartali as founding king of Balenos.[2]

185 In Drieghan a tribe called the Sherekhan battle a dragon and become cursed. A long drought begins.
226 Drieghan's drought ends after 40 years.

Foundation of Duvencrune.

233 King Imur Nesser, 5th king of Valencia, starts pushing the Aakman Tribe to subject to his rule and become part of the kingdom.[3]
234 King Imur Nesser commands to slaughter the Aakman to force them into submission. The Aakman do not give in but disappear.
The Black Death appears out of nowhere and ravages Valencia.
235 Black Spirits invade Kamasylvia through the Valtarra Mountains. Kamasylve enters a deep slumber after the elves burn its essence to defend the land. The invasions continue.
The Black Death devastates Calpheon, Keplan, Heidel, and Olvia.
The priests of Elion declare the Black Death a result of Valencian heretical practice and alchemy involving Black Stones.
The territories of the western continent form a militar alliance headed by Calpheon and begin a campaign against Valencia.
The war between the alliance and Valencia begins under King Eddric of Calpheon.
Drieghan is still considered a barren wasteland full of dragons, albeit in truth there are no dragons and the drought ended a long time ago. The land continues to be abandoned by neighbouring countries.
236 The alliance discovers that the Black Death has ravaged Valencia as well thus damaging the Elion priests claim that Imur caused it as curse for the Alliance.
The priests of Elion are criticized and begin to lose favor with the public.
The alliance barely makes it to the Black Desert but is thrown back by the Valencian army.
King Eddric of Calpheon dies in the Black Desert and is followed by Dahad Seric on the throne.
Mediah begins to accept Black Stones from both Valencia and the Alliance as payment for goods and supplies.
Mediah begins to prosper greatly and grows in size.
260 Mediah begins to adopt Aalism, perhaps as a diplomatic gesture toward Valencia.[4]
265 Crucio Domongatt is crowned King of Heidel Castle at the age of 37 years.
King Crucio Domongatt attempts to leave the alliance’s expedition against Valencia, but is pressured by Calpheon and the priests of Elion to remain.
Mediah is discovered to have fortified itself with barracks and soldiers.
266 King Dahad Seric (of Calpheon) and most of his army are buried in the Valencian desert after a massive sandstorm.
264-267[5] Natural disasters of every type batter the land.
Pushed to the extreme, savage settlers and far-flung tribes begin to move inland toward established cities and settlements. Pillaging and fighting ensues.
The alliance disbands due to the extreme circumstances and the upheaval in their homelands.
The war between the alliance and Valencia ends.
Gavinya Volcano Zone's volcano erupts.[6]
??? Valencia outlaws the trade with Black Stones.
271 Guy Seric is crowned king of Calpheon at the age of 20.
Foundation of Altinova.
274 Establishment of Longleaf Tree Sentry Post after Saints of Kamasylvia answer Guy Seric's petitions for aid against the Saunils.
275 To rebuild their economy, Keplan, Heidel, and Olvia establish trade with Valencia via the merchant city of Altinova.[7]
Mediah is discovered to have grown significantly in wealth and strength and is now more heavily fortified.
The Heidel Merchant Guild discovers what Valencia and Mediah already know: the magical properties of the Black Stones.
Black Stone deposits are discovered in Keplan, but they are of inferior quality.
Black Stone deposits of high quality are discovered in the swamps of Serendia.
King Guy Seric empowers Calpheon merchant guilds to field their own armies and galvanizes the priesthood, gathering his forces and people to begin a martial campaign to obtain Serendia’s supply of Black Stone.
The war between Calpheon and Heidel begins.
276 Brolina Ornette ascends to the throne of Kamasylvia.
The Dark Knights choose to leave Kamasylvia. The same day, the Acher attack the Ahib.

The Ahib flee and attack Drieghan but are repelled by both the Acher and the vigilantes of Drieghan. After that, they flee to the Arid Lands and from there to the Land of Thorns. There, the Ahib start using the power of the Black Spirits.

Keplan on the way to Serendia is betrayed and falls to Calpheon.
Heidel Castle in Serendia succumbs to a nightly ambush of the Calpheon army.
King Crucio Domongatt of Heidel Castle is captured by Calpheon.
277 King Crucio Domongatt's health begins to fail.
King Guy Serric of Calpheon issues the three demands to release king Crucio.
The event known as the Three Days of Darkness happens in Mediah.
278 Fulfilling Calpheon's terms, Crucio Domongatt is released from captivity and returns to Heidel.
The war between Calpheon and Heidel ends.
King Crucio Domongatt steps down to become Lord of Heidel Castle.
King Guy Seric of Calpheon sharply raises taxes on his subjects (including the priesthood) and commandeers the armies of the Calpheon merchant guilds in order to return to Valencia and try to conquer the Black Desert.
280 The Barbarian tribes and the Sezec Hunters invade Altinova.
281 King Guy Seric of Calpheon is assassinated by poison, though officially the cause of death is proclaimed to be the result of an unknown disease. He dies at age 30.
In his place, a parliamentary government with senators from each class is instituted.
282 King Imur Nesser of Valencia dies and Sahazad Nesser is crowned new king and 6th king of Valencia.
283 The Kamasylve tree reawakens thanks to the power of the spirits from Kamasylvia and southern Calpheon.
Chamberlain Jordine of Heidel raises the taxes at Heidel. It is unpopular with the peasant class.
Al Rhundi, a peasant of Heidel, is elected by his fellows to represent their concerns at Heidel Castle. Crucio Domongatt of Heidel has Al Rhundi imprisoned and tortured, then abandoned in neutral territory.
A streak of light is seen across the night sky.
The Barbarian tribes become more violent, with monstrous beings appearing among them.
Some report seeing Black Stones come to life. This is referred to as The Tower of Will Incident.[8]
Rumors begin to circulate about outsiders gathering around Velia Village, in Balenos.

Release of the game in Korea.

284 The Ahib complete the construction of a fortress in the Land of Thorns. The area once barren now springs to life. They start marching on the Arid Lands.
Manmehan Nesser discovers three oases while drilling for pure Black Stones.[9]
285 The Aakman Tribe reappears in the deserts of Valencia.
The Ahib attack Kamasylvia but they're forced to retreat after the sealing of the Duzak Tunnel.
Prince Bahar of Valencia learns that King Sahazad does not have the Golden Key and is thus not properly justified as king.

Release of the Valencia updates in Korea.

286 The Queen of Kamasylvia orders the opening of the national borders with Calpheon and Drieghan.
Release of the Kamasylvia content in Korea.
Duvencrune's chief sends a message to all neighbouring countries asking for help, as a dragon has awakened.
Present Day.

Release of the Drieghan content in Korea.


Initial source:

BDRP's timeline

For Kamasylvia related sources:

Kamasylvia & Elven Lore

For main events pertaining to the various territories:

Daum's KR introduction page (in Korean)

All other sources are from either knowledge entries inside the game or NPC dialogue.


  3. Clarification. Original timeline said Imur was the 4th king and when he died in 270 Torme Nesser was crowned until he died and Sahazad took the throne. Ingame sources now say that the next king after Imur was Sahazad, and that Sahazad is the 6th. That makes Imur the 5th.
  7. Original text say merchant city of Mediah, but there has never been a city with that name
  8. Back in the time of the Ancients there was also a Tower of Will Incident.
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