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Thunder Drummer
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Race Red Orc
Region Mediah
Location Abandoned Iron Mine
Location on map:
Level 50
Health 2,349
Defense (DP) 564
Damage reduction 115
Evasion 449
Rewards when killed
XP 1,189,665
Skill XP 165,736
Karma 80
Knowledge unlock chance 5.00%

This page is for the Mob. See Thunder Drummer (Knowledge) for the knowledge.

Red Orc drummers in the Abandoned Iron Mine that were named “Thunder Drummers” by the humans who saw them. The rumbling sound of their drums can be heard anywhere, whether it be where work is being done, or on the battlefield. It is not certain how or why, but it seems monsters fight better when they are within range of this drum sound.[1]


Item Quantity Drop chance
Asula's Eye Necklace icon
Asula's Crimson Eye Necklace 1 0.05%
Taritas Armor icon
Taritas Armor 1 0.2%
Silver coins icon
Silver 45 ~ 6 95%
Crystal Covered in Ash icon
Crystal Covered in Black Ash 1 2%
Black Crystal icon
Rough Black Crystal 1 2%
Black Stone (Armor) icon
Black Stone (Armor) 1 ~ 2 0.585%
All Accuracy 10 icon
Combat EXP/Skill EXP Gain +3% 1 3.8%
Combat EXP Gain 3% icon
Movement Speed +10% 1 5.4%
Broken Shackles 1 ~ 2 80%
Magic Crystal of Infinity - Patience icon
Ancient Magic Crystal - Cobelinus 1 1.5%

Titles contributed to

Name Requirement
Combat title icon
Abandoned Iron Mine Owner Kill 3500 of any monsters in the Abandoned Iron Mine.

Title Requirement: "Subjugate the Abandoned Iron Mine. Yeah, anyone else want a piece of me? It'd be nice if you stopped now, I'm getting tired."


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