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The Three Days of Darkness were, as the name implies, three days during which the territory of Mediah was plunged into absolute darkness.

In the years prior to the event a so-called witch, Illezra, had taken control of both the Barbarian groups that had invaded the region in the wake of the worldwide natural disasters between the years of 264 and 267, and the inhabitants of the Elric Shrine, whose research on necromancy had eventually evolved into worship of Kzarka, the Lord of Corruption.

One fateful day of the year 277 Illezra, with the help of the Elric cultists, summoned a perpetual darkness that covered the entire region. No sun or moon was visible, and people needed torches to light their way. The same night Illezra made the Mediah Castle go up in flames. The people, fearful, ran either to Altinova or as far out of the region as they could.[1][2]

During those three days her horde of Barbarians rampaged throughout the kingdom. After the event the Barbarians residing in the iron mines started forcing Humans from nearby villages and travelers to mine ore.[3]

The consequences of that temporary darkness were severe. The monarchy, and therefore the kingdom, fell. Almost all the members of the royal family had been killed during the burning of the castle. The last surviving member of the House of Bareeds, Bareeds II, hid himself after he saw Neruda Shen take control of the state.

The main industry of the region, the iron mines, were now not just lost as it was assumed before, but also an active threat to the population of the country, as the Barbarian groups living in them raided nearby territories.
The Elric Shrine was confirmed to be a cradle of Kzarka worshippers that, worst of it all, corrupted the land around their monastery.
And finally, the native Barbarian tribes of Mediah, the Sausans and the Helms, renounced to be part of the political landscape that had been created after the kingdom's demise.


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