• My first reasoning was that any page that had to do with NPC in the game (either friendly or hostile (mobs)) would be tagged with the NPC category. But now I don't think they should. If you're fine with it I'll delete the category from the different pages for races (as those pages do not list any kind of ingame NPC except for maybe the leader).

    About using it for the bosses. I think each boss page (about the mob) would need to have the NPC category tag, but not necessarily the Boss page in itself (or any other content page about the different types of bosses for that matter).

    Other wikis differentiate between pages for the character lore and pages for the mob ingame. I don't think that's necessary in our wiki, as there's not enough content for lore pages for the majority of them and what exists can be added in a History section or something like that in a spoiler.

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    • That's a good way to go about it. I think maybe we should keep NPCs category for characters then and mark bosses with "boss" as now or "bosses" (to match the other categories).

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    • NPCs -> Friendly NPCs. Example: Alustin (unique name), or... Villager (random nameless friendly NPCs).

      Mobs -> For pages about  common, hostile NPCs. Example: Desert Naga Combatant. It's an enemy NPC, it has a common non-unique name and there's a lot of them (according to BDOCodex... 502). Definition:

      Bosses -> Hostile unique high lvl NPCs called like this by the devs. Example: Kzarka.

      Something like this?

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    • Yes, exactly¬†:)

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    • I was thinking about listing the different types of mobs on each mob race page. Would that be feasible?

      For example (Imps):

      Balenos Imps


      Steel Imps

      Serendia Imps

      Mine Imps

      Altar Imps

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    • I have created a Mobs template (example: Altar Imp). Let me know if anything needs changing.

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    • I see! I edited the Imp page to see how it looked with the subrace division. I like the mob template.

      In the future we'll also need pages for each subrace (Steel Imp), page for all those mobs inside, for their knowledge and I guess the race pages (like Imp) will need a template too. In that future template I would put...

      Affiliation (if they have, if not it would be "Independent"), Racial capital (if they have), Racial leader (If they have), Area (area inhabited for all subraces, broadly).

      But BDO is pretty vague for all those things for now. I don't know if the races would merit a template right now.

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    • I think the subrace division looks good on the imp page.

      Glad to hear it.

      Alright, I'll note that in case we decide to make a races template at some point.

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