• The notable locations template is for all those other areas that exist in the game but aren't nodes?

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    • Yes. I experimented a bit, trying to figure out what might be good to have in the template. Any ideas?

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    • Not for now.

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    • I've been thinking about this.

      I don't know if you noticed but Black Desert's locations in the game world overlap each other. For example King's Forest in Serendia. If you exit Heidel you would assume the forest area next to it is the forest. But if you continue further west you enter other areas and node areas but between them the game tells you you're still in King's Forest. Same happens with the Northern Plains of Serendia. It goes from the Northern Heidel Quarry north of Heidel all the way west until the river.

      That means that regardless of the locations being used as nodes (Northern Plain of Serendia) or not (King's Forest), all of them are made the same way and the node is put as an additional mechanic system on top.

      All of these ramblings were to comment that in the pages about non-node areas if we were to put a minimap image like with the node ones each one would have to be handmade after finding how much that concrete area extends in each direction after overlapping with other areas in the way.

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    • That is going to be quite the task. It would be nice to have, though.

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    • I'll put it on my list of things to do when I have time and I'm extremely bored.

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    • So, for example (I've been slightly bored today):

      King's Forest

      The area inside the red line is entirely named King's Forest with nothing else inside.

      If you open the image you'll see some small lines along the road. For some reason only the devs know about, the entire road of north Serendia to the west of Heidel is named King's Forest. Exiting the road to any side will put you in the real location, but while inside, it tells you you're in the forest. Seeing the name pop up always on the road is what led me to believe King's Forest extended until the river to the west.

      It's like they named all northern Serendia "King's Forest" and then started adding the other subzones until the name only remained in its intended location and the road.

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    • That is a bit peculiar. But looks good :)

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    • A FANDOM user
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