• My eyes, what happened? Why are half of the links green?

    EDIT: Now that I check it again, could it be made so only the names have different colors? Right now our edit count, profile, message wall, blog and contributions have the green too (I guess because what you changed was the color regarding all things linked to our user names).

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    • Yes, sorry about that, I played with the CSS. I would have mentioned it, but got an unexpected visitor. It is only us (you and I) that have changed. I'll see if I can get it to only change the color of our names. I am not too fond of the profile recoloring either.

      Edit: Oh man, green on red is really bad. What color do you think would go well with the color theme of the wiki?

      Edit2: Ahh, I used the wrong code. Will change it to the correct one.

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    • Some kind of light grey, light purple, orange or yellow I think can look good.

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    • I changed it to orange, what do you think? I think it looks a lot better.

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    • Yes, looks good.

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    • A FANDOM user
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