• While listing the pages for states and factions I realized Kamasylvia does not have a state like other regions do. I'll add the sections a state page would have in the main Kamasylvia page.

    Long answer: even if it has an elected leader and a council to rule over the elves (some sort of Meritocracy & Elective Monarchy), there's no government that strictly controls or claims the whole region or a part of it as its own. Elves, spirits and other factions seem to cohexist (except the ones that have gone insane of course) each one with their own leaders and they all speak of Kamasylvia in the same way without attaching to it a political entity.

    P.S. With Drieghan until we have the region released with its entries I cannot be sure but I think it'll have the same problem. They don't seem to have any kind of state there nor claim it. At least one of their Geography sections is called "Drieghan Autonomous Region".

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    • That's interesting. Two areas that aren't governed in the traditional way.

      Just wondering, will it have any impact on our templates?

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    • I don't think so. For now we're writing government information in the settlements and each town does have some resemblance of type of government (except those that are settlements ingame but not in lore).

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