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The Taritas armor set is an armor set consisting of the following pieces:

It should not be confused with Steel Taritas armor set, which has identical statistics but weighs less and has more durability.


Armor pieces are available in the following variations:

Variant Bonus
... of Agility Long range damage reduction +2
... of Intimidation Magic damage reduction +2
... of Iron Wall Close range damage reduction +2
... of Sacrifice Hidden damage reduction +1 to base item
... of Destruction Attack power +2 to base item
Ultimate ... Damage reduction +2


  • 20 - 278 DP (depending on ranks)
  • + Knockback/Floating resistance (from helmet)
  • +20 Max HP (from armor)
  • +120 Max MP/WP/SP (from armor and 2-piece set bonus)
  • +1 Attack speed rank (from gloves)
  • +1 Casting speed rank (from gloves)
  • + Evasion (from shoes)
  • +5 Accuracy (from 3-piece set bonus)