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Taming allows players to catch wild tier 1-3 horses. Horses are used as mounts or with carts.

Getting started[]

Before players can tame their own horse, they must first obtain Beginner 5 Training. The only way to acquire this skill is through riding the donkey, which is a quest reward from a Black Spirit quest at level 10.

Taming a horse requires a Capturing Rope and optionally a Lump of Raw Sugar, although multiples of both are recommended as horse taming can easily fail causing you to lose your rope and/or sugar. Horses are tamed with a mini game, started by using the Capturing Rope.

To begin taming a horse, players must throw their capturing rope at the horse. When the horse is snared, the player must slowly walk towards the horse, pressing Space when the horse raises its front legs. The player will then be faced with a mini-game where they must rapidly tap Space to keep the bar filled until the timer runs out, after which they can continue advancing towards the horse. The horse can rear up multiple times during the taming, and the mini-game must be successfully completed each time.

Once the player reaches the horse, they can choose to give the horse a lump of raw sugar, which will increase the success chance when mounting the horse. Players can also choose to wait a short period of time at this stage, as mounting the horse too quickly will cause it to fail.

When the player feels ready, they can attempt to mount the horse. If successful, they can then ride the horse to the nearest stable in order to register and name it.

If the player fails the taming at any stage, they will lose their rope (and any sugar they fed the horse), and the horse will run away a short distance. Players are free to re-attempt to tame the horse.



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