Low-level gloves that has reduced defense in return for better flexibility. Mostly worn by nobles.

This item is part of an armor set (from top to bottom):

How to obtain

Dropped by:

Icon Name Chance
Calpheon Shadow Knight 2%
Calpheon Shadow Wizard 2%
Frenzied Skeleton 3%
Frenzied Skeleton Centurion 10%
Khuruto Fighter 5%
Khuruto Soldier 3%
Orc Test Subject 5%
Rookie Soldier 25%
Saunil Charger 5%
Saunil Commander 15%
Saunil Elder 25%
Saunil Elite Soldier 2%
Saunil Sheriff 2%
Saunil Warrior 25%


Used in recipe:

You can craft your own with the following ingredients:


Sold by:

You can purchase Talis Gloves from the following NPCs:



Icon Title Level Area Reward
[EXC] Better Armor (Gloves) Any All +50 Contribution EXP + Black Stone (Armor) + choice between Zereth Gloves, Taritas Gloves, Talis Gloves, or Agerian Gloves.

Other versions of armor

Item Bonus
Ultimate Talis Gloves +5 Defense (DP)+5 Damage Reduction
Talis Gloves of Agility +2 Ranged Damage Reduction
Talis Gloves of Intimidation +2 Magic Damage Reduction
Talis Gloves of Iron Wall +2 Damage Reduction
Talis Gloves of Sacrifice +1 Damage Reduction
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