The Summon Scrolls are a type of PvE activity in which you can acquire scrolls by several means that, when used in their designated location, summon one or more bosses of different strength and loot.

Daily Scrolls

Given from daily quests by the Black Spirit:

Some of those quests also gives you the opportunity to get pieces of Awakened Summon Scrolls (5 pieces are required for a summon scroll) instead of the normal one:

Weekly Scrolls

As with the daily scrolls, some of the weekly ones also gives you the opportunity to get pieces of awakened scrolls instead of the normal ones. In this case, it requires 3 pieces for a summon scroll:

Guild Scrolls

Awakened versions:

The following ones are/were obtainable through the Imperial Auction House:

Relic Scrolls

These are scrolls that summon a series of bosses one after the other and are mainly used to get Memory Fragments.

Quest Scrolls

Work in progress.


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