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The Steel Taritas armor set is an armor set consisting of the following pieces:

It has the exact same statistics as the Taritas armor set, but weighs 21.05 LT less and each piece has 30 more durability. It can, however, be significantly more expensive to purchase and enhance.


Each piece of the Steel Taritas armor set can be crafted in a level 3 armor workshop, requiring various amounts of materials. To craft a full set, the following materials are needed:


Armor pieces are available in the following variations:

Variant Bonus
... of Agility Long range damage reduction +2
... of Intimidation Magic damage reduction +2
... of Iron Wall Close range damage reduction +2
... of Sacrifice Hidden damage reduction +1 to base item
... of Destruction Attack power +2 to base item
Ultimate ... Damage reduction +2


  • 20 - 278 DP (depending on ranks)
  • +15% Knockback/Floating resistance (from helmet)
  • +20 Max HP (from armor)
  • +120 Max MP/WP/SP (from armor and 2-piece set bonus)
  • +1 Attack speed rank (from gloves)
  • +1 Casting speed rank (from gloves)
  • + Evasion (from shoes)
  • +5 Accuracy (from 3-piece set bonus)