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Stats are values of your ingame character that can be raised (buff, training, equipment) or lowered (de-buff, equipment) permanently or temporarily. How many points in each stat a character has is RANDOM [1] which means it can be a good idea to re-roll characters if they don't work out well. For example ranges between 185-256 WP have been reported for the same warrior build.

Basic Stats[]

The stats in Black Desert Online are:

  • Hitpoints (HP)
  • Spiritual Power/Magical Power/Willpower(SP/MP/WP) are class specific (for example a Valkyrie has SP, a Warrior WP etc) and used during combat similar to "mana". It is important to know that the cost per skill is not fixed but seems to change depending if you use the buttons to trigger the skill or (higher cost) the hot bar[2].
  • Attack Points (AP)
  • Defense Points (DP)
  • Weight (how much weight one can carry in terms of inventory, equipment and trade packs)
  • Stamina

Stat Training[]

  • Breath: determine how long you can stay under water, raised by walking or running around. This is possible to do afk while on an Autoloop
  • Health: raises your Hitpoints by eating Food
  • Strength: raises the weight you can carry via walking around with a trade pack. This is possible to do afk, ideally inside a town while on an Autoloop in order to avoid Bandits and the other online players in pk mode.