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The Sorceress can effectively control the battlefield with dark magic by using both melee and ranged attacks. They lure enemies with ranged magic and lead them to a chaotic and painful demise once they come closer. Other races revere and fear the sorceresses. After Awakening, they can use dark magic to shroud themselves in darkness, and use a giant Scythe to cut down their enemies.

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Descendant of Cartian

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The genealogy of black magic goes far back enough in history to involve the Book of the Ancient Man. All the sorcerers these days are thought to be descendants of Cartian, the very first sorceress. The evidence lies in the village of Tarif.

Tarif was founded about 300 years ago by Cartian and Allan Serbin. The Book of Cartian, which is religiously read and worshipped in this town, is like the textbook for sorcerers, although not everything was written down in the Book. One of the things omitted from the book is the Scythe, the weapon of the great sorceress Cartian.[1]

In Cartian's time, there was a major territorial war between men and Cyclopes. When the Cyclopes were about to destroy humans with their physical superiority, it is said that Cartian single-handedly banished all the Cyclops with the scythe. That was when the sorcerers split into several groups and went their way. It is said that Cartian, who moved to Mediah and founded Tarif, had lived very long, considerably more so than an average human being.[2]

Shortly before the near-immortal Cartian disappeared, she sealed the entirety of her destructive power in her scythe.

Since nobody could deal with the power of the scythe, Allan Serbin, Cartian's good friend and the chief of Tarif, sealed the scythe again under the sacred tree called Scuffling Letusa. Allan Serbin lost his body due to that incident, and he has been trapped in a portrait ever since, looking down at Tarif.

Since, a new chapter was added to its dark history.

"The one who holds the Cartian's Scythe will gain immortality."[3]


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