With Simple Alchemy, a Processing method, you can make lesser potions and combine potions to make greater ones. It can be performed anywhere by hitting 'L'.

Advanced Alchemy in comparison is a crafting skill and needs one to own a residence and a workshop in it.

The beginner size potions cannot be combined into small potions - talk to Lara in Heidel City, she is able to exchange your beginner size potions into small potions, for free.


Product Ingredient #1 Ingredient #2 Skill Required
? 10x any type of Spirit Stone Fragments 10x any type of Spirit Stone Fragments
(different from the first type of fragments used)
? 25x Swaying Wind Shards 25x Rumbling Earth Shards
? 3x High-concentrated Herbal Juice
High-concentrated Herbal Juice
3x Herbal Juice 1x High-Quality Herb 1x Mineral Water
Herbal Juice

Recipes requiring more than two ingredients

Product Ingredient #1 Ingredient #2 Ingredient #3 Ingredient #4 Ingredient #5 Skill Required
? 1x Merindora's Element 100x Trace of Memory 100x Trace of Forest 100x Trace of Death 100x Weeds
? 3x Elixir of Fury 3x Elixir of Shock 3x Elixir of Penetration 1x Tears of the Falling Moon
? 3x Grim Reaper's Elixir 3x EXP Elixir 3x Elixir of Will 1x Tears of the Falling Moon
? 3x Worker's Elixir 3x Elixir of Time 3x Elixir of Swiftness 1x Tears of the Falling Moon


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