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The Shen Merchant Guild is the main merchant guild inside the Mediah Merchants Union and therefore the major power inside the Republic of Mediah.


It was founded by Neruda Shen, originally an alchemist, sometime during or before the beginning of the war between the Kingdom of Calpheon and the Kingdom of Valencia.[1]

During the reign of king Bareeds II the guild reached an agreement with Calpheon while the Mediahn state remained neutral to the conflict. Mediah would supply the alliance with weaponry and armor at a discount in exchange for Black Stones, which Shen claimed were ideal for the production process. Calpheon, clueless about the value of the stones, gladly accepted. Using the lava caves as a natural furnace, Mediah was able to not only increase production of weaponry for Calpheon at a higher rate than Calpheon was able to supply itself, but also to melt the Black Stones.

Around that time delegations from Valencia arrived to meet with guild officials. They demanded the Black Stones that Mediah was provided by Calpheon. Mediah agreed to give back a share of its Black Stones in exchange for exclusive trading rights with Valencia. As a result of the agreements with both Calpheon and Valencia, Mediah, through the Shen Merchant Guild, began to prosper greatly.

Likely on behalf of the guild the royal family ordered a harbor and fortress built in the northern coast.

The Shen Merchant Guild, as the major guild inside the Mediah Merchants Union, contributed heavily to the investment for the construction of Altinova, the new capital city of Mediah.

After the Three Days of Darkness and the death of the royal family Neruda Shen, as chairman of the Mediah Merchants Union and of the Shen Merchant Guild, took effective control of the state.

Nowadays the state itself could be said to be an extension of the Shen Merchant Guild.

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