The Shai are a race of people predominantly short in stature that live in Florin, their own village in the territory of Calpheon.


Nothing is known about the past of this race. It's unknown if their village was part of Calpheon since the beginning, if they willingly surrendered to it or if they were conquered.


The Shais are known as a very open and accepting people.

Thanks to their unending curiosity and the location of their village their society has developed a deep knowledge about medicine and herbs. Medicine made with local herbs and special Shai recipes is exported to all the major cities.[1]

Herbs verified to be safe can be traded with other cities and towns, while unverified varieties must be thoroughly tested prior to being shipped off. They have recently increased their trade of herbs with Olvia via the Florin Gateway.[2]

Shai girls are quite rude and usually talk in a most informal way. They are naturally bad at the pronunciations required to talk more politely. Educated Shai are able to master formal talk, but will still be straightforward about anything.[3]

They aren't considered a greedy people.[4]

Almost all Shais are so hasty and curious that reports abound of them getting sick from directly testing unknown herbs through ingestion. However, Shais don't even care about these side effects, even if part of their bodies change as a result. The only crucial thing satisfying their unbound curiosity.[5]

Every night under the moonlight Shais in Florin drink a cup of Sunrise Herb Tea on a nearby hill with a companion. With friends, it is a sign of friendship or reconciliation. With a lover, it is a sign of affection.[6]


Shai stop looking any older after a certain point, which makes identifying their age at simple glance a difficult task.

The average life span of a Shai is about 40 years. Valentine, the Chief of Florin, has lived 55 years and is still healthy, a feat he claims to have accomplished thanks to the medicinal herbs from the area.[7]

They are usually considered to be girls because there as so few male Shai comparatively.[8]


The village of Florin is known as the home of the Shais.[9]

The race is found in all Human lands, from Calpheon in the west to Valencia in the east and some are even found in Haso.


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