The Sezec Hunters are a Mediahn organization originally from the Rumbling Land. Nowadays they live in Altinova alongside many other groups.

They believe they're the sons of Asula and have his blessing because it's said the folk god was born in the Rumbling Land at the beginning of time. That's the reason they take so much pride in their home region every time they mention it.[1]

In the year 280, three years after the Three Days of Darkness, the Sezec Hunters decided to gradually invade the capital city of Altinova together with other Barbarian groups.[2]

Nowadays they continue to live in the city. Unable to expel them by force, the head of the republic, Neruda Shen, reached and agreement with them. The Sezec Hunters and other Barbarians would be permitted to live in the eastern side of the city and in exchange for that they would work as guards and garrisoned troops.


  • The Sezecs are considered the second roughest group in Mediah after the Sausans.[3]
  • While native to the Rumbling Land, they're a multiracial group. Among their ranks are Humans, Rhutums, Saunils and Giants.


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