Settling Down in Heidel
Luciano Pietro icon
Type Production
Level 1
Region Serendia
Previous quest in the chain The Worst (?) Cook in Heidel
Next quest in the chain Storage Keeper Amerigo
Start NPC Jemkas Wyrmsbane
End NPC Luciano Pietro
Requirements Completed Nothing Our Friendship Can't Do


Jemkas told you to get ready to settle down in Heidel while the crops are growing. Go to Heidel and meet Luciano.[1]

Quest text


You'll have some time until the wheat grows. How about visiting Heidel in the meantime? If you're from Balenos, you'd better settle down in Heidel for a while. If you arrive in Heidel, make sure to see Luciano. He'll help you settle down. He knows lots of stuff, so you'll be able to gather some information. Well then, for the sake of our brief friendship, let's shake hands one last time.

Heidel is a big castle. It's easy to get lost.


Meet NPC:



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