Serendia Guard

Guard clothing.

The Serendian Army[1] is the armed forces of the Kingdom of Serendia.


Work in progress.


The army is found extensively in its homeland, Serendia. Their headquarters are located at Heidel Castle, with a sizable garrison inside Heidel City. They're also positioned in numerous guard camps made to maintain order and peace across the realm.

The Grand Chamberlain has sent two punitive forces to the Neutral Zone to rein in the Red Orcs and bandits.

By order of the Republic of Calpheon the army has a guard camp in Balenos originally made to fend off the bandits of the Neutral Zone, albeit it's nowadays defending against the Imps; and there's a detachment of Serendian soldiers in the western town of Olvia.

Notable Members

Political leadership


Officers according to their knowledge category:

  • Ginta; Northwestern Gateway Trade Manager.
  • Theonil; Southwestern Gateway Trade Manager.
  • Cheremio; Investigator from Heidel.
  • Vype Stoner; Siege Cannonballs manufacturer.

Former officers:


Western Guard Camp

Other locations

Former soldiers:



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