Seals are special currencies you can obtain via participating in Imperial Fishing deliveries and Imperial Trading deliveries, fullfill trading quests that yield those or employing your workers.

Shiny Golden Seal Worker Supervisor

Currency shiny golden seal work

This seal is randomly obtained (placed in your Warehouse) when you send your workers on a task. It will only be placed into your warehouse if you have an empty slot of course ..!

You can exchange the Shiny Golden Seal at Work Supervisor Santo Manzi in Velia:

  • 500 = Fishing Boat Decoration of Abundance
  • 600 = Steel Champron of Fighting Spirit
  • 600 = Steel Barding of Fighting Spirit

Shiny Golden Seal Fishing Delivery

Currency shiny golden seal imperial fishing

If you sell yellow rarity fish to the Imperial Fishing Delivery NPC you can randomly obtain one of these seals. It is not clear if blue rarity yields them too. They can be exchanged at the same NPC for items:

  • 10 = Magic Fluid Collector
  • 200 = Ancient State Ornament
  • 250 = Light Leather Saddle of Storm
  • 250 = Black Essence: Carmae
  • 250 = Black Essence Addis

Shiny Golden Seal Calpheon Trade

Currency shiny golden seal calpheon trade

These are obtained as reward for trading quests in the world from the Trade Manager. They can be exchanged at an Imperial Exchange NPC (for example in Velia next to the Santo Manzi) but NOT by Trade Manager.

  • 100 = Magic Hoe
  • 220 = Fishing Boat Cargo Container of Abundance
  • 230 = Leather Saddle of Fighting Spirit

Shiny Golden Seal Imperial Delivery

Currency shiny golden seal imperial delivery

Those are obtained if you trade regular trade items while they are in demand for the imperial trade in other territories. If you speak with a Trade Manager he/she will display the Trade Goods available and they will have in their description "Imperial Delivery in Progress (... territory)" added. This is a temporary thing and the trade good buying price will be very low (80% or less) and you need to bring these not to a normal Trade Manager but a special Imperial Delivery NPC found in some larger settlements (Velia, Heidel and Calpheon have them for example), one for each territory. You will then not only receive a pay that is 250% but can randomly obtain these seals as well. Which can be exchanged at the same NPC for special items:

  • 250 = High Quality Merchant Wagon Cover
  • 250 = Ancient Kamel Statue (house decoration)
  • 300 = Feather Champron of Storm
  • 300 = Black Essence: Hystria
  • 320 = Steel Horseshoe of Fighting Spirit
  • 400 = High Quality Horse Trainer's Clothes
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