The Saunil are a race of lizard-like humanoids.


As one of the races that were forced to migrate during the droughts and storms of the year 264, the Saunil moved west, first to Mediah, and then to Calpheon. They've been at war for quite some time against the Trina Knights around their base. Supposedly, the knights stole a relic from them.

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The bulk of the race can be found on southern Calpheon, fighting human forces. They're led by their Siege Captain.

There's a good number of them living alongside other races in southern Mediah, in the Abandoned Iron Mine. They have their own district there.

They're also found as villagers and merchants in the Sand Grain Bazaar and other lands of Valencia. A group of them, called the Argos Saunils after their supposed leader, Argos, live in the Crescent Shrine.

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Abandoned Iron Mine

Argos Saunils

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