Sand Grain Bazaar
Sand Grain Bazaar
Type Market/Outpost
Region Valencia
Government Military rule
Rulers Barhan Nesser
Node manager Amir
Faiths Aalism
Affiliation Kingdom of Valencia
Location on world map:
Valencia Entrance Sand Grain Bazaar

As a major hub that leads to the Valencian Desert, the Sand Grain Bazaar, also known as the Barhan Bazaar, is always crowded with various kinds of vendors. Although it's a military outpost used to guard the entrance to the desert, it is more like a bazaar (market) for adventurers or vagabonds, thence the name. Some say that one has to go past the Bazaar to encounter the real desert.

It is also the location of the most thriving camel market. If you've never crossed the desert before, beware not to get ripped off.[1]

In the past the Gahaz Bandits used to live in the area, but were expelled by the Katan Military.

Connecting Nodes

Notable NPC's


Trade & Imperial

  • Atui Balacs <Katan Military - Trade Manager>
  • Roxanna <Trade Manager> (No service as trade manager)

Storage Keeper

  • Tavu <Storage Keeper>

Stable Keepers




Repair service

Work Supervisor


Quest-only NPC


  2. While her title says she's the node manager, she does not offer that service, as the Bazaar does not require it, and the autopath that usually goes to the node manager directs to the Stable Keeper instead of her.
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