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This page is for one of the two races commonly known as orcs. For the other one, see Rhutum.

The Red Orcs are a race of medium to large-sized pig-like humanoids with varying shades of pink and grey skin color.


A long time ago the Red Orcs and the Rhutums were the same tribe and race. Over time conflicts as a result of skin color (Red Orcs have pink-grey, Rhutums mainly green) divided the original tribe into the current races.[1]

As other Barbarian tribes, when disaster struck in the year 264, the Red Orcs moved from their old habitat to the western territories. Some of them stayed in Mediah alongside other races in the Abandoned Iron Mine. The bulk of the tribe settled first in the southern forests of Serendia and later, with the creation of the Neutral Zone, occupied all of it south of the Demi River.[2] Currently led by Grand Orc Chief Org, who intends to move the tribe to a more open and abundant area.[3] They're currently considered the most powerful faction in Serendia.[4]


Red Orcs are encountered mostly in their camp in the Neutral Zone, in Serendia, and in the Abandoned Iron Mine in Mediah. Civilized ones are found all around the human realms working as blacksmiths or soldiers.

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  • Red Orcs consider themselves superior to the Rhutums. They're noted to be more systematic than their green brethren, although both races share some of their more known characteristics like pride and bellicosity.[5]
  • Strength dictates hierarchy in society.
  • They worship and offer sacrifices to their grand chief in altars.[6]


Red Orc is a non-player character (NPC) in Black Desert Online.


Red Orcs, who live in clans like Humans, are the brigands of the Neutral Zone. Though unintelligent creatures, they occupied the Neutral Zone based on their raw physical ability and sense of unity.



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