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Red Nose is the leader of the Imps of Balenos.


There was once a small Imp boy who was always a subject of ridicule because of his red nose.

When he was about five years old, a man in a black outfit approached him asking if he wanted to be a strong Imp. But all he cared about was his red nose, and the man in black promised to solve that problem. He took the kid Imp to the Coastal Cave and bestowed upon him great strength. This kid Imp grew bigger and became the leader of his group, but the man in black had misled him; his red nose remained.

After he came to power the word "red" became a taboo among Imps. However, the Humans are the problem. They laugh at him every time they pass by him, saying “Hey, Red Nose!,” or “I think your nose is bleeding!”

Imps have countless reasons to hate Humans. For Red Nose the Imp Captain, it was their thoughtless ridicule.[1]

Field Boss Battle[]

Recommended AP/DP (unbuffed): 120+/0+ (Ranged) or 200+ (Melee)

Work in progress.


  • HP: 55,102,350
  • Defense (DP): 532
  • Evasion: 457
  • Damage Reduction: 75
  • XP: 2,505,749
  • Skill XP: 808,445[2]


  • Body Slam: Red Nose will jump high into the air crushing on the ground dealing huge damage in a medium sized AoE around him while rendering himself vulnerable for a few seconds.
  • Cleave (Basic Attack): A fast melee front Cleave with high damage against all targets hit by his blade.
  • Triple Cleave: Every few attacks Red Nose will do a small shout adding three big swings with his blade. The three cleaves will be done without him moving in between, always attacking in the direction of the tank.
  • Warcry + Jump + Body Slam: Red Nose's most dangerous but at the same time easiest to read attack. Once he's below 40% health, he will do a long huge warcry dealing extremely high damage in a straight line in front of him. Once his warcry is done he will jump twice into the air. Each time he hits the ground he will deal a small sized AoE around him. For the third and last jump he will use a Body Slam like his basic one dealing more damage but rendering himself vulnerable to attacks for a few seconds.


Work in progress.


Red Nose is a non-player character (NPC) in Black Desert Online.


Nicknamed "Red Nose" quite simply because of his noticeably large red nose, he abhors Humans because they always made fun of him for it. After one fateful rainy day, when a stranger clad in black visited and gifted him with a black stone, Red Nose was transformed into something larger and more powerful.

Red Noses boasts a high level of intelligence compared to other Imps, but easily loses control if unwanted attention is brought to his nose. People said that the song of a flute would calm his incensed heart... but that's all in the past... Just hearing the name "Red Nose" puts him in an uncontrollably frenzy, which the soldiers over at the Western Guard Camp refer to as his "hopping-mad" dance.



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