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Noir Bartali III, who established the foundation of the royal authority by slaying countless opponents. The only thing he feared was death. His might became stronger and stronger every day, but his aging body was driving him mad.

It did not take long before he, who was cruel to aristocrats but kind to people, took an 180-degree turn. He would stop at nothing if he could find good herbs and food for his health, and many were sacrificed on the way.

An alchemist who just arrived from the desert wanted to see Bartali III. He promised that he can give the king immortality with his forbidden alchemy, saying that the ritual requires the blood and organs of a hundred boys and virgins. The king's frenzy swept all over Balenos, and the grievance of the people was endlessly rising.

Finally, on the day the king was about to bring immortality to existence with the forbidden alchemy, there was a massive explosion in Cron Castle. A giant herd of something covered Balenos.

Oddly enough, each witness at the scene said different things. Some said an animal with a horn was flying around, and others said a beautiful angel gave a blessing. Some even stated that they had a conversation with their dead parents.

Nobody survived the explosion at the castle, and there is no official record of it. It is only assumed that the explosion might have come from trying to summon an otherworldly being. As a scholar, it is a great shame that so much of it is unknown.

- Santo Inoza, a Historian and Alchemist from Olvia[1]

How to obtain[]

Obtained during Memorial Service for the Fallen People.