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The world of Black Desert is populated by a large number of races, many of them intelligent. The term race is, as with many other similar settings, interchangeable with species.

There are several playable races in Black Desert. They are:

  • Elves: Are divided into two subraces. To play an elf, you must choose the Ranger or Dark Knight classes for female. Or Archer for the male version of the class
  • Giants: Race only playable as a male. To play a giant, you must choose the Berserker class.
  • Shais: Hailing from the village of Florin, on northern Calpheon, they, like Dwarves, are very present in the Black Desert world. For the time being there is no male counterpart even though some do appear within the world

Among the non-playable races, one can find:

  • Dwarves: They have an important presence on all human lands, usually as blacksmiths or laborers.
  • Fadus: The giant leopard race of the Kamasylvian region. Their temperament ranges from civilized to savages
  • Otters: The fish loving race always found near water.
  • Demibeasts: Deer-like folk. A generally peaceful race.
  • Demihumans: General term for various, usually bipedal, races which inhabit the world. Some of them include nagas, fogans, imps, goblins and orcs, among others.