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Quint is a non-player character (NPC) in Black Desert Online. Quint, the First Troll, is the first Ancient Troll known to humankind. Its colossal size is unequaled compared to other Ancient Trolls and is likely to terrorize anyone who sees it.


After being awakened by Belmorn, Calpheon has tried to defeat it by sending a number of armies to protect the locals and merchants around the area. But all the armies fail to do so and it is barely scathed thanks to its rock-hard skin.

Luckily, there hasn't been any considerable harm done to the locals yet because it always runs away once its face and legs are attacked which appear to be its crucial weaknesses.[1]


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  • HP: 40,002,635
  • Defense (DP): 587
  • Evasion: 467
  • Damage Reduction: 120[2]


  • Swinging: Quint swings the tree he uses as a weapon. The AoE of this pattern is very large, as Quint will turn around in a full circle.
  • Smashing and Swinging: Quint smashes the ground once, and then swings his tree. Quint will smash the ground as soon as he lifts up the tree, making it hard for you to dodge the attack. Quint will swing the tree at the direction he is looking at after a moment. This pattern has a relatively small AoE but a long range.
  • Roaring and Swinging: Quint steps back, roars and swings his tree twice. The first attack has a wide AoE, but the second attack has a relatively small one.
  • Stomping: Quint will stomp multiple times, dealing massive damage to the players.
  • Rolling: Quint will lie down on the ground, and roll his body to deal damage. The animation is the same as when he is knocked down, so approaching without thinking might cause you to take massive damage.[3]

Full guide by invenglobal.


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