Pure Water for an Experiment
Flaviano icon
Type Production
Level 1
Region Serendia
Previous quest in the chain Materials for Equipment Repair
Next quest in the chain Working the Ash Tree
Start NPC Flaviano
End NPC Flaviano
Requirements Must be on the quest Learning Higher Processing Skills


Flaviano asked you to fill the Empty Bottles with river water and then heat them to make Distilled Water.

  1. Buy 10 Empty Bottles from Flaviano.
  2. Go to Demi River near Heidel.
  3. Make 10 Bottle of River Water by filling up the Empty Bottles with river water.
  4. Choose Heating from the Processing window and make Distilled Water using Bottle of River Water (1 Distilled Water requires 1 Bottle of River Water).
  5. Give Flaviano 10 Distilled Water.[1]

Quest text


I'm currently studying storage methods required to manage items. I need lots of Distilled Water to do that. Can you get me some Distilled Water? You can heat up the water from Demi River to produce Distilled Water. If you help me, I swear on my career as a merchant, I will teach you a new skill.

I do carry Empty Bottles.





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