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Type Town
Region Balenos
Government Hereditary monarchy
Rulers Igor Bartali
Faiths Elionism
Affiliation Republic of Calpheon
Location on world map:
Balenos Olvia.png

Olvia is the first town you start out in. Located in the western half of Balenos, it's well-known for its thriving livestock and agricultural industries

Crop farming and bee keeping were originally the main sources of income for this village, but after trade began with Florin, herb farming and alchemy also became common trades.[1].


Olvia used to be the capital of the Kingdom of Balenos.[2]

The town, together with Calpheon, Keplan and Heidel, formed a military alliance to wage war against Valencia in the year 235.[3]

Afterwards the position of capital shifted to Velia.

Connecting Nodes

Nearby resources

Casta Farm

  • Grapes

Wale Farm

  • Olives

Wolf Hills

  • Ash Timber

Terrmian Cliff

  • Copper Ore

Notable NPC's



Trade & Imperial

  • Lolly <Trade Manager>
  • Lotz Pavarotti <Imperial Crafting Delivery>

Storage Keeper

  • Makuum <Storage Keeper>

Stable Keepers

  • Chiara Coop <Stable Keeper>
  • Nodmir Coop <Stable Keeper>
  • James Coop <Guild Stable Keeper>

Skill Instructor

  • Buntt <Skill Instructor>
  • Tachros <Skill Instructor>
  • Croxus <Skill Instructor>


  • Baldos <Guild Manager>


  • Nadia Rowen


  • Akan <General Goods Vendor>
  • Bionier <General Goods Vendor>
  • Julietta <General Goods Vendor>
  • Sady <Material Vendor>
  • Wocester <Furniture Dealer>
  • Bofin <Seed Vendor>
  • Corin <Jeweler>

Repair service

  • Curtis <Blacksmith>

Work Supervisor

  • Kafu <Work Supervisor>

Wharf Manager

  • Chadwick <Guild Wharf Manager> (in the coast to the east)


  • Kyrio (in the northern coast) [4]

Quest-only NPC

  • Tom <Vigilantes>
  • Edan <Explorer>
  • Orwen <Ruins Explorer>
  • Lafi Bedmountain <Ancient Language Analyst>
  • Jarette Domongatt
  • Lacy <Curio Collector> [5]
  • Gray Biants <Elionian Priest>


  2. Edan talking in Olvia
  4. Called Olvia Fisher in BDOCodex
  5. Called Luxury vendor in BDOCodex but does not offer that service in the game