Nothing Our Friendship Can't Do
Jemkas Wyrmsbane icon
Type Production
Level 1
Region Serendia
Previous quest in the chain It May Smell a Little...
Next quest in the chain Harvesting Wheat
Start NPC Jemkas Wyrmsbane
End NPC Jemkas Wyrmsbane
Requirements Completed Because I Like You


Jemkas Wyrmsbane says you can make a garden with fences, but it's no use without seeds. Help him once more and receive seeds.

  1. Gather Rough Stone icon 10 Rough Stones around the Northern Guard Camp by mining.
  2. Open the Processing window ("L" button) and choose Grinding.
  3. Put in Rough Stone icon 10 Rough Stones and grind them to make a Polished Stone icon Polished Stone.
  4. Give Polished Stone icon 1 Polished Stone to Jemkas Wyrmsbane.[1]

Quest text


The fences I gave you define your territory. You put up fences to mark your land. Therefore, it’s important to find a good spot. Because Serendia's prairie is open to anyone. Oh! Right! Do you have seeds? I guessed so. Say no even though you have them. Although you have a fenced garden, you can do nothing without seeds. Oh my... I have some seeds on me. Excellent. Go get me a Polished Stone. Then I'll give you my seeds. Nothing our friendship can't do, buddy.


Give Polished Stone icon 1 Polished Stone to Jemkas Wyrmsbane.



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