Northern Wheat Plantation
Northern Wheat Plantation
Region Calpheon
Rulers Norma Leight
Affiliation Republic of Calpheon
Required contribution points 2
Location on world map:
Northern Calpheon Northern Wheat Plantation

As big as a little town, the Northern Wheat Plantation is the breadbasket of Calpheon and is located northeast of the capital. Its productivity is such that Calpheon has never had a single instance of food shortage, even during the war on Serendia.

Various grain crops are cultivated in this fertile region, like wheat and barley. The beer made here, Leight Ale, it's well known even in Altinova.[1]

Node production

Farm - 1 CP

Farm - 1 CP

Farm - 1 CP

Connecting Nodes

Notable NPC's



  • Malik <General Goods Vendor>
  • Pasenia <Farm Vendor> (Material Vendor)

Repair service

  • Lakia <Apprentice Blacksmith>

Quest-only NPC


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