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There is a variety of PvP content in Black Desert, with two major events where all players and all guilds can participate: the Node Wars and Conquest Wars.  Anyone can freely join these wars regardless of their guild size or equipment/spec. All you need to do is to work together with your teammates in harmony for victory.

Most areas of the game world belong to nodes. Node War is the battle to gain ownership of these nodes. Once the node is occupied, the occupying guild will retain the ownership for a week, receiving part of the worldwide tax collection to fund their guild bank, which can be used for the growth of the guild later.

Conquest Wars, also known as Siege Wars, are much bigger in scale than a node war. Node Wars are fights for a single node, but Conquest Wars are fights for the sovereignty of a territory - and each territory has a number of nodes. If a guild occupies Territory A, that means the guild has gained the honor of ruling A. Of course, let’s not forget about the growth of the guild due to the massive amount of tax collections.

With such rewards you may ask yourself if it is difficult to participate in Node Wars and Conquest Wars? It's not. In fact it is very easy. Below is an overview of what this process entails.

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