Nightmare Revealed
Emma Bartali icon
Group Emma's Nightmare
Type Story
Level 50
Region Eastern Balenos
Previous quest in the chain Flower Blooming in Ruins
Next quest in the chain Traces of Forgotten Cron
Start NPC Emma Bartali
End NPC Emma Bartali
Requirements Only available at night
Completed Flower Blooming in Ruins


Emma Bartali is too scared to meet the ghost on her own. Go meet the ghost in the cave with Emma.[1]

Quest text


{getPlayerName(), somewhere around here... There must be the cave my dad told me about when I was young. Ah, don't go there by yourself. We should together. I also need to figure out what that nightmare is all about. When you're ready to hit the road, talk to me again. I was actually too scared to go by myself...

It's nice having you by my side, {getPlayerName(). I wish I could stop having nightmares.


Interact with NPC:



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