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The Neutral Zone is an area situated on western Serendia that borders Calpheon to the west and Balenos to the north. It's divided into the Northern Neutral Zone, the Central Neutral Zone and the Southern Neutral Zone.


In it were built some of the best fortifications the Kingdom of Heidel had in its defensive war against the Kingdom of Calpheon: the later named Bradie Fortress and the complex defensive structures around the Watchtowers.

The army of Calpheon tried time and time again to breach Heidel defenses, but were never able to. The war was decided after two to three years of stalemate with an ambush of stealthy troops that marched through the river and captured Heidel's king.

In the aftermath of the war it was agreed that the western frontiers of Heidel, now a vassal of Calpheon, would never be able to resist Calpheonian troops again if, by any chance, it tried to rebel. They were to be abandoned and be declared off-limits to all humans on both sides.

That accord unwittingly helped the wandering Barbarian tribes to traverse and settle into both Serendia and Calpheon. Races such as the Saunils, the Rhutums or the Khurutos crossed the borders and settled down in Calpheonian land, while others like the Red Orcs did so inside the Southern Neutral Zone.

At the same time the overbearing taxes that Heidel set up forced farmers and peasants to abandon their lands and start living as rebels and bandits, pillaging and robbing people on the roads and villages. Some of those, under the leadership of Biraghi, formed a bandit group and took control of Bradie Fortress. Unfortunately for them the Red Orcs under Org marched north from their settlement in the south with the intention to occupy the entire Neutral Zone and expelled them.

Nowadays the Biraghi bandits are centered around what is called Biraghi Den, a crude fortification on a mountain in the northern parts of the Neutral Zone. The center and southern sections of the region, including Bradie Fortress, are occupied by the Red Orcs, who have constructed their own village in the form of the Orc Camp.

Under orders from Calpheon, Heidel built a guard camp on Balenos to keep an eye on the bandits in the south, but the emerging threat of the Imps made so impossible. For that reason Grand Chamberlain Jordine dispatched troops to try to take them out or at least negotiate with them, but are currently unable to do so because they're on two fronts against both bandits and orcs.

Curiously, since the bulk of the orcs travelled north, the southernmost area of the Neutral Zone has become peaceful.


Nodes that can be found in the Neutral Zone: Biraghi Den, Bradie Fortress, Watchtower, Orc Camp, Southern Neutral Zone. Maybe Bandit's Den Byway.

Other areas that can be found there: Western Cliff, Sanctuary Valley Path, Watchtower Underground Cave, Veiled Labyrinth.